Roberta Bosu


Roberta Bosu is a driven innovator, strategist, and advocate with over 14 years of experience catalyzing impactful change across sectors. As the founder of Re.vert Studio, she specializes in crafting compelling narratives that inspire action and foster sustainable transformation. Roberta’s expertise spans the private sector, development, and NGOs, providing her with a unique perspective to address environmental, economic, and political challenges.

Passionate about food systems, rights of nature and regenerative economies, Roberta excels in effective communication, translating complex scientific information into engaging stories that resonate with diverse audiences. She has led global campaigns with renowned brands and NGOs, while also championing local advocacy initiatives.

She currently serves as a European Climate Pact Ambassador for the European Commission and World Food Forum Representative for the FAO, leveraging her expertise to drive collaborative action towards a regenerative future.

Roberta holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs and a Master’s Degree in Political Economy of Sustainable Development from the University of Bologna.