A voice for Antarctica

Antarctic Rights campaigns for the recognition of Antarctica as an autonomous entity with the right to have a voice in decision making that affects it. Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is a beautiful, wild community that is vital to the health of Earth and we must safeguard it from harm.

Antarctica's awe-inspiring lands, ice, surrounding waters and unique species are threatened by climate change, fishing, and pollution. Scientists warn that if we do not take decisive measures now, preventing a cascade of consequences will soon become impossible. Melting ice will cause sea levels to rise, disrupt ocean currents, change rainfall patterns, inundate coastal farmlands and cities, and lose unique species and ecosystems.

The Antarctic Treaty System cannot address these challenges effectively, and a lack of consensus among the member states is blocking progress.

We urgently need to adopt and implement an Antarctica Declaration, which recognises that humankind has a duty to protect this vulnerable community of life and to make decisions that are in Antarctica's best interests.

Diverse Antarctica
Antarctic Rights